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What is the BHTOF?

BHTOF RHTOR is a semi-annual scientific journal edited as an Open Access Journal by TOR Franciscans. The journal follows strict rules in its editorial process that guarantee the excellence and relevance of the texts published in it.

The academic journal History Bulletin of the Franciscan Third Order is owned by the TOR Franciscans of the Spanish Province, it was founded in 1987 as an annual publication and with the purpose of disseminating the most relevant historical events of the Third Franciscan Order. As of 2017, the journal broadens its academic horizons with a view to publishing articles of interdisciplinary intellectual relevance and open to debate and the dissemination of research by specialists from around the world. Our journal is not limited to a specific area or field of the humanities as long as there is rigor and methodological seriousness in the research and the way it is presented.

RHTOR is inherent, therefore, openness to the broad academic world because it is structured around the fundamental idea of ​​the unity of human knowledge, which in turn reflects the unity of the universe. In other words, our journal incorporates the publication of the various disciplines in order to provide a deeper and more global meaning to all academic research that is proposed to be published as a subject in question. There is no doubt that this openness to interdisciplinarity assumes that the results of knowledge do not interfere, but rather complement each other. It is known that the absence of interconnection and the specialization of increasingly sophisticated knowledge has given little guidance towards a comprehensive understanding of reality. Faced with the fragmentary paradigms of research, our journal aims to be a point of confluence of different types of knowledge, cultures, and languages.

As of October of this year 2020, the publication will be on paper (for a limited number of subscribers) and will also be published in electronic format under the name of Hispanoamericana Magazine TOR (RHTOR).

Subject field:

Philosophy, Theology, Spirituality;

Human Sciences, Psychology, Sociology and Education;

Accepted languages: Spanish, English, Catalan, Italian and Portuguese.

Periodicity: Semiannual

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No. 3 (2021)
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